Going to a concert alone

So a few days ago I went to my first ever concert…..alone. Sure, i’ve been to the theatre alone, the cinema alone, the restaurant alone, the gym alone etc but never a concert. I was both excited for the experience but also mad anxious. I wish I could say that I’m the type of person who doesn’t care about what people think but…..hmmmm…….that would be a lie.

It’s the middle of 2019 and one of my goals is to, you guessed it, stop caring. On this note, I decided to be brave and face my fears. Conveniently, I was just reading a book about facing your fears and doing them anyway – the title is literally called Face Your Fear and Do it Anyway (very clever, check it out!). Reading this book has taught me a lot and inspired me to just do it – whatever is holding you back, just do it. The golden 3 words. Guaranteed, it won’t be as bad as you think no matter what you think. It gave me new perspective and I didn’t feel so bad about going to the concert.

I went after work and granted, I was pretty tired, but weirdly I didn’t really overthink about it like I usually do. I think it was the book. Yep, definitely the book. Thanks book!

Not going to lie I did get a bit nervous when I arrived. Thankfully there wasn’t a queue as I came a little later. I think I was also nervous because my phone was on low battery (above 30% for specifics but that’s pretty low for an iPhone tbh, I like it when it’s at least 50% – that’s a safe percentage) and I had to make sure it survived till I left the concert so I could keep track of time. Perhaps all my anxious energy was poured entirely on this situation instead?

We had to get out our tickets and I noticed a guy in front of me also came alone. YAY, I’m not the only one! But he had seating and I had standing so unfortunately we parted ways before we could interact (sad times I know). So I thought ok, I can’t be the only one who is here on their own.

I went to the bathroom and then went upstairs to buy myself some water at the bar since they took mine. I started to talk to this girl I recognized from the bathroom just a few minutes before. I asked her if she was here with someone and guess what? She was also alone! BINGO. I found another one like me. So we got chatting whilst waiting for the concert to start and the perceived awkward time waiting for the artist to start actually flew by and before we knew it the concert had started.

Sadly, my companion didn’t stay with me till the end but it was ok because I felt settled and comfortable and ok soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the experience. I didn’t leave long after her so there wasn’t a big gap.

After this experience, I found that I now LOVE going to concerts alone. I had so much fun that I even booked another concert to go to. The idea that you could go where you want and do what you want and not have to worry about being with someone is quite liberating. Also it gives you a chance to meet new people that you wouldn’t usually meet. I recommend trying it at least once and seeing how it goes. It is an experience. And you’ll come out braver and more confident. All good things.

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