My Birthday Trip to Bath

Day 1

So it was my birthday recently and I always celebrate my birthday, no matter how small. It was my 25th birthday so I thought I’d do something different and ‘mature’ as it’s a big age. And because I love travelling I thought why not go to explore a city I haven’t been to before. I thought about either going to Bath or The Cotswolds for two days, but because it was forecast to rain on Wednesday, walking and hiking in the rain would not be the best.
Bath it was.

I went to Bath on the Tuesday and came back on the Wednesday. To put into perspective, Bath is around a 3 hour drive from London so it was a triiip! I went by car (my mum drove because I can’t drive lmao). We went in the morning and arrived by mid afternoon, just in time to check into our Travellodge hotel. We stayed at the Travellodge Waterside just outside the city, but everything is close and walkable distance so it wasn’t that bad, only about a 15 minute walk from the centre.

We checked in at the hotel which was basic af but doable for one night. Then we decided to hit the city and make the most of the sunshine! The plan was to go to the Jane Austen Centre first and then walk around the city.

We managed to find the Jane Austen Centre and spent about an hour and a half there. They had a place to try on regency period dresses (which I LOVE! I was totally in my element) and a cafe upstairs where you can have posh ‘afternoon tea‘ Georgian style. Although we rushed a bit due to the closing time, we had a nice time. The museum was so-so as it was pretty small. The thing that was interesting was the film about Bath’s influence on Jane Austen and ofc the dresses 😍

After the Jane Austen Centre we decided to check out the semi circular building that is usually associated with Bath – the Royal Crescent. We walked through the Circus which is like a roundabout surrounded by the lovely Georgian architecture houses and reached the Crescent which was a little…..meh. Like, it was okay but not as amazing as everything makes it out to be and definitely not worth being the ‘face’ of Bath. Had a few pictures there and left because we couldn’t go up close to it 😞.

I was already loving the city due to the period vibe it was giving me, we decided to walk around and have some dinner in the meantime. We went for a typical Italian restaurant where I had a lovely pizza. I was so hungry so the pizza was really nice. Then we headed back to the hotel because we were both tired and relaxed in the best possible way, by watching a Jane Austen film – Northanger Abbey.

Day 2

We started the day off having breakfast at Sally Luns – a cafe dedicated to the Sally Lunn Bun – a typical ‘bun’ from Bath. It was very nice, it’s basically a cross between a french toast and a scone. I had mine with Jam.

It was raining heavily when we left so today was ‘museum day’. We decided to check out the abbey since we were pretty close to it from Sally Lunn. It looks grand on the outside but the inside they were reconstructing it so it was a little chaotic and noisy. Nevertheless, there was a super cool exhibition about this artist who creates cloths based on stories from the Bible which I found really intriguing.

As the Bath Abbey was right next to the baths, we went to visit the Roman Baths right after. We purchased the ‘saver’ ticket which includes entrance to the Roman Baths, Victoria Art Gallery and the Fashion Museum. The Baths is the main and most important attraction in Bath and we were not missing it for anything. We had an audio-guide so could calmly go around learning its history. Man, the place is super historic. Perhaps the biggest shock was that they only discovered the site 300 years ago, after thousands of years. The tour was very informative and insightful into Roman times. I felt like I was back in Rome again 😂

When we finished we stopped off at an award-winning vegan restaurant to eat some lunch. After we were full, we decided to hit the next stop- the Victoria Art Gallery. The Victoria Art Gallery is perhaps the most disappointing part of the trip as it was not that special at all. There is only one floor dedicated to the permanent collection but all the paintings were donated from other people. Only a few paintings I actually liked, the rest were not my cup of tea. Still good to see regardless. I mean, for free, I can’t really complain.

But I was super excited to go to the Fashion Museum and see more period dresses! I heard that you could also try on period dresses at the Fashion Museum so I was really looking forward to that. As soon as I entered I knew that this was the place for me. The dresses were sorted according to time periods starting from the 1700s all the way through to modern day. You could really see how fashion has evolved. And ofc the most important part, the part where you can try on the dresses. I spent at least 20 minutes there trying on different period outfits from different times (and their hats) and having my picture taken next to the background. It was amazing! I was so impressed with the museum that I ended up buying a poster of fashion dresses and a book on how to be like Audrey Hepburn (lol). Definitely the best part of the trip – 10/10.

We were pretty tired after having seen three museums in one day that we decided to head home earlier. The weather also wasn’t great, it wasn’t raining anymore but still miserable so we couldn’t go to visit any parks. We bought some fast-food takeaway dinner to eat on the way and made our way back.

I think that we saw the important sights in Bath that were interesting to us. Going for 2 days is just the right time as it’s enough to see the city well and not be in a rush. Everyone is chill and laid back – a small city vibe that I miss being in London. It was a great way to celebrate my birthday – the perfect combination of adventure and culture. I definitely recommend visiting this charming, beautiful and historic city!

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