Fleabag. The Funniest British Sitcom ever?

So I was browsing the internet looking for something interesting to watch and I went on iPlayer because I wanted a change from Netflix. I saw that ‘Fleabag’ was on my ‘Recommended for you‘ list so thought I would see what it is about. I heard about it, read reviews in the papers and saw it advertised. It was a hype so I thought why not give it a go.

I started with the first season, obviously (it would make the most logical sense at least), which was broadcast in 2016.


That’s a long time. 3 years I’ve been missing out on this, no wonder people have been talking about it, it’s been on the market for a while!

Well anyway, I watched the first episode. I didn’t realise that the episodes were only around 25 minutes or so. Easy Breeezy.

In case you are new to Fleabag, a bit of backstory. Fleabag is a British sitcom about a 30 something woman and her adventures living in London. She is heartbroken, having just broken up with her boyfriend and is grieving her best friends death as well as her mothers. She gets herself into all sorts of awkward situations. She is portrayed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge who rose to fame thanks to Fleabag and also ‘Killing Eve’ – another TV drama.

I have to admit that I found the first episode slightly annoying when she was talking to the camera, and as they say ‘breaking the fourth wall’, but I guess it was part of the originality of it all. I haven’t watched anything like this before so it was quite an unusual piece of television and something I would need to get used to. It got better with the second episode, third episode, fourth episode and so on.

I had reached the end of the first season and I was so into Fleabag’s life that I couldn’t wait for Season 2. I have to mention here that Season 2 was only released earlier this year, so fans who watched it in 2016 had to literally wait 3 years for this.

Season 2 delved deeper into her life and saw the introduction of the #HotPriest (aka Andrew Scott) which is a trending topic on Twitter in itself. I really shipped Fleabag and #HotPriest that I wanted them so badly to get together. The end of Season 2 was left with very little information in this area so I was a bit disappointed.


Safe to say, I want Season 3 but I was also disappointed when I read that Season 3 is not in Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s future plans 😞

Nevertheless, I thought that Phoebe’s performance as Fleabag and the fact that she created it and wrote it herself was great. It is a truly original piece of television and one that I feel close to. Albeit slightly awkward at times and very British, it is hilarious and had me laughing for ages! I can also relate to the characters’ life and even though it is quite dark at times, making you sympathize with Fleabag and her disastrous life, which turns out not to be so disastrous after all, it is still entertaining and a light hearted comedy!

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