Tony Robbins – Unleash the Power Within Masterclass.

My mum saw an advert for a masterclass on self-development and positive thinking on Facebook. I’ve been struggling with my mental health recently and she recommended that I go to it. I didn’t know what to expect but if it meant that I would come out feeling better and more inspired, i’m all in! I also need to mention here that it was a free workshop. You didn’t need to pay anything, nadaaa, just sign up via email – easy. So without knowing what I was letting myself in for, I did just that, signed up.

It was in a luxury hotel conference room in London. I arrived a little earlier than I had anticipated but you know, better to be earlier than later right?

As we entered we high-fived the guy who opened the doors for us as a way of building the positive energy that we would later use in the workshop. I thought the room would be full but actually it was about half-full which made getting a good seat much easier.

The workshop was with Tony Robbins’ (this super successful motivational speaker/coach) advisor who used lots of personal anecdotes to describe and motivate us to be successful and life our best lives to the fullest 😁 That’s the kind of energy I like!

It lasted about 3 hours altogether which flew by because I was so engaged in what this guy was saying that time didn’t matter. I made 7 PAGES worth of notes in these 3 hours! That’s more than I used to write in my university classes 😂 but I thought that everything he was saying was of vital importance.

I will summarize here briefly what the workshop taught me as I believe that it was a very informative and clever seminar on how to reach your best potential and let nothing stop you in the way.

Ok are you ready…..

Here we go….

There are 5 guidelines that will help that should be followed every day:

  1. Play to WIN. This means playing at 100% and putting everything you have in everything you do. After all, it is much better to fail in glamour than to fail in misery right?
  2. Be Flexible. Flexibility is power, and so is this saying “IF I CAN’T THAN I MUST”. The comfort zone expands and in that is possibility and opportunity.
  3. Take responsibility for everything you own in life. This is your ability to respond as every situation offers you an opportunity to learn.
  4. Be a team player – together everyone achieves more.
  5. HAVE FUN. If you’re not having fun then something is wrong….

I know that this advice is everywhere in self-help books, websites, video tutorials etc but until you actually believe it and start doing it, it isn’t going to work. All these self-help/development things say the same thing but implementing it is a different story.

I came out of the workshop feeling inspired and fearless. Not bad for a three hour free workshop, I have to say. I’m now looking for more opportunities to engage in positive thinking and self-development so I thought I’d share this and hope that I can pass this message onto you. You, in need of guidance and support. I am here for you and I believe in you, that anything is possible! Now go and fight for your dreams and start living them, I will be rooting for you 🎉

Let me know your successes with self-help and any other tips you have that you want to share!

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