Modern Love – Love Stories For the Modern Age

I recently got limited access to Amazon Prime. I usually watch Netflix and so I’m not familiar with the content on Amazon Prime so I spent some time looking through what’s available on the catalogue. I wasn’t very satisfied with the choice (I still prefer Netflix – I’m a Netflix lover at heart what can I say) but one show stood out to me – Modern Love.

I have heard about it before and read some reviews that features famous actors including Anne Hathaway (I love her!) and so, because it seemed familiar, I added it to my list.

What I didn’t expect was what I got. I really really loved it. I didn’t expect to ‘really love’ it. I think that is what usually happens though, if you don’t expect to like something you find out that you are pleasantly surprised and tend to like it even more than you had originally thought.

I love the whole concept. The fact that it is based on true stories from the column Modern Love by The New York Times just makes it so much more endearing and enjoyable. Each episode is around 30 minutes long which is great; not too long to lose concentration but also not short enough that it doesn’t tell the story. Each episode also has a different story, so it is not chronological. Each story is different with different characters, completely unrelated from each other. It makes it easier as you can watch any episode in any order. No pressure to watch one after the other.

The first season deals with a variety of love stories – and not only in the romantic sense. It also deals with friendships and family but also self-love. Every story is unique and different to each person. This is what I loved most. Every love is beautiful.

I also cried throughout most of the series, most of the episodes made me well up inside. This is also how I judge how good something is for me – if it makes me feel something. I am a deeply emotional person so I cry easily and am very sensitive but when stories speak to me and make me think about them after they are finished, it is something extraordinary.

I finished the series just as soon as I had started it. When it was over, I was craving more and I was very pleased to find out that they are going to be making another series. I hope it comes out soon!

It is definitely up there with my favourite shows. 10/10 recommended.

Watch Modern Love on Amazon Prime now.

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